Paragliding when Pregnant

Ruth Churchill-Dower and Judy Leden from the UK, Heidi Insam from Italy and Elli Törrö from Finland talk about flying when pregnant.

This podcast is one of two about paragliding and motherhood. Many women give up the sport when they become mothers. This may be due to a greater perceived risk, a greater feeling of responsibility or because of lack of sleep and time. For these two podcasts I have spoken to Elli, Heidi, Judy and Ruth, all of whom decided not to give up. All flew during their pregnancy and have continued to fly, compete, work as tandem pilots and instructors as their children have grown up.

In this first podcast I look at flying and pregnancy and in the second we will discuss motherhood, child care arrangements, responsibility and taking your kids with you to fly. 

Listen to the podcast below:

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