Preparing to Fly

Simon Blake is a pilot from the north-west of England. Having learnt to fly paragliders, he was very diligent about noting down his flights and what he learnt from them. A few years ago he put his collected experience into a book called Prepare to Fly.

If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a goldmine of information for both new and old pilots. This is the authoritative guide to what you can do – in every aspect of your flying – to prepare in advance. Simon’s book covers it all. In this podcast he talks about flying being a journey, not a destination; things you can prepare for and many tips and insights he has learnt on the way.

Listen to the podcast below:

You can also purchase his other books at

He mentions the Pennine Posse and their approach to group flying. You can listen to their podcast on Collective Flying with the Flying Collective here.

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