Good Karma – flying and charity

Flying and charity? What have those two topics got to do with each other?

Many of us travel to far-flung places to appreciate the amazing scenery, cheap drinks, food and accommodation and better flying weather than we can find at home. We are treated hospitably and are often helped by locals when we land out or are involved in an incident. So can we give something back to the communities we fly in, whether that is at home or abroad? For example, should we give to begging kids or child glider packers? Is there a sustainable way to make a difference? This podcast tells the story of the Cloudbase FoundationKarma Flights‘ work in Nepal and their amazing response to the devastating earthquake, whether you should pay packing kids and how you can make a difference to the communities you fly in. Pilots have a lot of skills that can be useful in an emergency situation and come in useful when wanting to assist disadvantaged communities. This podcast tells you ways you can make a difference – whether great or small.

Listen to the podcast below:

Please also give generously to Karma Flights and the Cloudbase Foundation to fund their excellent work.

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