Coastal Flying with HH Tsai

The latest Paragliding Podcast has just been released… Coastal Flying with Her-Hsin Tsai.

HH Tsai, or Hamish as he is better known to the British paragliding community, is a hospital consultant who has a passion for mountaineering and skiing which led him to take up paragliding in 2004. He flies as often as work and weather permits. He has recorded 6 x 100+ k flights in the UK XC league and is a previous winner of the highest placed pilot in the EN B class. He lives in Beverley, which is close to the East Yorkshire coast  and which boasts some of the finest coastal sites in northern England.

Although a passionate XC pilot, he has extensive experience of coastal flying and in this podcast he talks about many aspects of flying by the sea, including weather, hazards, coastal XCs, sea breezes, convergence, sea thermals and more.

Listen to the podcast below:

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