X-PYR starts on Sunday 17th July!


Judith Mole | 13th July 2016

The third X-PYR will start on Sunday the 17th of July in Hondarribia, Spain.

The X-PYR is starting to rival the X-Alps in excitement and adventure. The race follows a 477 km coast-to-coast course through the Pyrenees, from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean sea. After Toma Coconea had to drop out of the race due to injury, the 31 remaining teams will race from Hondarribia on the Atlantic coast to Port de la Selva on the Mediterranean.  

The race has a new route and clever turnpoint choice will make this the most exciting X-PYR to date. The course will cover the route via 8 turnpoints, including the penultimate new turnpoint at Canigo - locally important as it is the sacred Catalan mountain and it takes the competitors away from the 35km no-fly zone around the skydiving centre at Empuria Brava. 

Defending champion Chrigel Maurer, and his new supporter Tobias Dimmler, will want to continue to show his dominance in extreme fly/hike races, while runner-up Aaron Durogati aims to win this time. There is a strong international presence in the race and anything could happen. Many of the competitors have participated before and know the Pyrenees well. Others, like the UK's Greg Hamerton and Jesse Williams from the USA, have spent time completing unsupported vol biv tours in the Pyrenees to reconnoitre the route.

Flybubble's Greg Hamerton has written an excellent analysis of the route which gives an insight on where the crunch points may be. You can read more here:


You can watch the race live at http://www.x-pyr.com/LiveTracking/Live2D.html

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