The Endless Chain - preview


Caedmon Mullin | 11th April 2019

Canadian paraglider pilot and filmmaker Benjamin Jordan is a year into his latest film project: The Endless Chain. The film follows his incredible solo vol-biv expedition through the Canadian Rockies as well as reflecting on his childhood and motivations. On film he is supported from afar by his friend and legendary paraglider pilot Stewart Midwinter who had himself dreamt of flying the eponymous Endless Chain Ridge. The ridge itself is a small but dramatic part of Ben's route, an incredible section of unbroken mountainside in a hard to reach part of the Jasper National Park. Stewart's accident in 2011 made this kind of adventure impossible for him but his support clearly helped Ben achieve this impressive feat and Ben thanks him out loud between whoops of joy from high above the ridge.

This is not a full review of the film, as I've only watched the pre-release version however it's already a really fun movie with some wild flying and stunning scenery. The filmmaking is fantastic, definitely the best I've seen in one of Ben's films, he and Stewart are the only voices in this one too which I thought was a massive improvement over the incongruous British narration in Strong The Wind Blows. The pre-release version doesn't tell the whole story and I'm looking forward to the full film this autumn!

If you like the sound of it you should head over to Ben's website and pledge your support. You'll get access to the pre-release version along with a copy of the film when it's released:

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