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Bruce Goldsmith

Malin Lobb | 2nd November 2016

Bruce Goldsmith Bruce Goldsmith needs little introduction in the world of free flight, having been world champion in both hang gliding and paragliding to name but a few of a long lists of accolades. He has been designing paragliders for the last 27 years for the...more

Richard Gallon - airG

Caedmon Mullin | 2nd July 2013

Richard Gallon - airG Richard Gallon Richard Gallon began flying in 1985 in Hilaire du Touvet and by 1989 had begun to experiment with the new sport of acro paragliding. Alongside Andy Heidiger, Sebastien Bourquin and the Rodreguez brothers Richard was to...more

Olivier Laugero

Caedmon Mullin | 3rd May 2013

Olivier Laugero Olivier Laugero is an accomplished pilot and paragliding photographer whose adventures are enough to make most of us either sick with jealousy or tremble with fear. In 2009 Olivier was the first person to land a tandem on the summit of Mont Blanc, a...more

Chrigel Maurer: Flying is like an iceberg

Judith Mole | 9th April 2014

Chrigel Maurer: Flying is like an iceberg Chrigel Maurer is said to be one of the best pilots in the world – and not just since his three Redbull X-Alps victories. In this lu-glidz interview he talks to Lucian Haas about his motivation and the downsides of lightweight...more

Judith Mole:
Podcasts, Flying and Life

Caedmon Mullin | 12th June 2013

Judith Mole:<br />Podcasts, Flying and Life In 2008 Judith Mole recorded her first paragliding podcast and since then they have developed a cult following within the paragliding community.  We caught up with her via email and she was kind enough to share something about her flying,...more

Jody MacDonald - Paragliding Photography

Caedmon Mullin | 14th April 2013

Jody MacDonald - Paragliding Photography Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, returning to the US aged eight, Jody MacDonald has scarcely stopped moving since. For the past 10 years she has lived mostly at sea and, in the last five, she’s visited more than 50 countries. Now based in Sun...more

Child's play?
Being a Parent Pilot:
Elizaveta Demina

Caedmon Mullin | 25th March 2014

Child Being a Parent Pilot:
Elizaveta Demina' width='385' height='357' />
I should start this article by admitting it’s here for mostly selfish reasons. About six months ago my wife and I had our first child, of course plenty of people had told me it would change my life forever and I didn’t doubt that for a...more

Tim Alongi

Caedmon Mullin | 11th May 2013

Tim Alongi When Tim was two he asked his Dad if he could fly. It was another seven years until he took his first solo flight in Allevard, France. Three years later, watching Thomas Merigout and Michel Macquet flying acro, the 12 year old Tim was...more



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