Rolfe Oostra

Rolfe Oostra is a mountain guide, explorer and expedition leader who has been enjoying a huge variety of outdoor adventures for over 20 years. He has been climbing and exploring on every continent, usually without a map and never with a guidebook. With infectious enthusiasm, an enduring sense of humour and outstanding leadership credentials, Rolfe spends most of his time in motion, travelling from adventure to adventure around the world.

Learning to Fly with Geronimo

Rolfe Oostra | 12th October 2015

Learning to Fly with Geronimo “YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO BIG EARS MATE!!” shouted the instructor down the radio. “What?” whimpered the student being sucked up rapidly to 3000 meters “what the fuck is a big ear??” A big ear procedure involves gathering the outermost...more

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