Jenni Fleming

Jenni first learned to fly in Chamonix in 1997. After a 10 year break she came back to flying in 2007 and has been hooked ever since.

In 2011, Jenni quit her job to go on a 3-month para-adventure. She started writing about paragliding on her blog to keep her editorial skills current until she went back to a real job.

Jenni joined the team at The Paragliding in early 2014.

Jenni's recent stories

Video: Olu Deniz Air Games

Jenni Fleming | 19th November 2014

Video: Olu Deniz Air Games I had planned to do video reports of the 15th International Air Games as well as the write-up, but with my film making skills still in need of a bit of work, here's a video from base jumper and much more experienced video maker David Laffargue...more

Sup'Air Sora - first impressions

Jenni Fleming | 14th October 2014

Sup When I heard Sup'Air was going into the wing market, I was curious to see what their first offering  - the Sora tandem - would be like. It is an EN B rated wing with a certified weight range of 120-220kg. I flew it at between 160...more

Too stable in August?

Jenni Fleming | 10th May 2014

Too stable in August? With the wind and rain rattling my window panes, I've been reminiscing over some of my favourite flights from last year. One August day in particular came to mind when some friends and I explored a new site (for us), launching from Les Grands...more

Bombing out

Jenni Fleming | 11th March 2014

Bombing out A combination of tandem flying and flying sites with limited landing options has meant that pushing for even short XC flights hasn't been much of an option for me recently. But over the last few weeks I’ve had a bit more of a chance to explore...more

Paragliding Courses and Holidays

Introduction to Alpine flying 26th Jul - 2nd Aug

Planning your first paragliding trip?

Jenni Fleming | 17th September 2014

Planning your first paragliding trip? Going on your first overseas trip is a real rite of passage for a new pilot. Since my first flying trip, I've flown all over the world and worked on trips for pilots of all levels of experience. But I still remember my very first trip! I didn't...more

HapiAcro - sharing the passion

Jenni Fleming | 22nd April 2014

HapiAcro - sharing the passion On my travels last year, I had the pleasure of meeting and flying with most of the HapiAcro team - a group of four pilots who have come together to spread their love of flying to the masses in the US. As they reached the end of their first year as a...more

Sup’air joins the wing market

Jenni Fleming | 5th March 2014

Sup’air joins the wing market Sup’air has released its first wing this week – the Sora. This tandem is the first of a new range of wings from the company. The wings are being designed by Pierre-Yves Alloix, who joined Sup’air over a year ago to develop the...more

15th International Olu Deniz Air Games

Jenni Fleming | 19th November 2014

15th International Olu Deniz Air Games My first ever trip to Turkey was to fly tandems for the 15th International Olu Deniz Air Games, dropping base jumpers off over the beach.   The Air Games have been running every year since 2000. Spectators on the beach see displays from...more

Flying and photography - Rebecca Bredehoft

Jenni Fleming | 14th August 2014

Flying and photography - Rebecca Bredehoft Becca at her home site of Jackson Hole On my travels this winter, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Rebecca Bredehoft, an inspirational pilot as well as an awesome photographer. At only 30 years old, Becca already has more experience than...more

Winter Flying in Madeira

Jenni Fleming | 14th April 2014

Winter Flying in Madeira Madeira may not be the best know flying destination in Europe, but pilots who go there often seem to go back time and again. On my first trip in October last year, it started scoring points as soon as I stepped out of the airport. There's nothing...more

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