Gavin McClurg

Gavin McClurg is a paraglider pilot, kite boarder and CEO of Offshore Odysseys. He's flown all over the world and from time to time writes for The Paraglider.

500 Miles to Nowhere: The story behind the film

Gavin McClurg | 7th December 2013

500 Miles to Nowhere: The story behind the film Some of you probably followed the Sierra Safari, our bivvy flying expedition from the southern end of the Sierras to Lakeview, Oregon last year.  We got some of the team back together this year, but amended the personnel a bit, opting for less...more

Tools of The XC Trade

Gavin McClurg | 20th May 2013

Tools of The XC Trade I avoided paragliding consciously for over ten years. Many good friends were pilots, all of them continuously prodded me to make my first jump. It looked like a blast, something I’d probably take to; but I also kept hearing the old saying that...more

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