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Caedmon founded The Paraglider in 2012 with Kian Clipson. He is now editor as well as the lead web developer. When not glued to a computer screen he's likely to be found flying near his home on the edge of Dartmoor.

Caedmon's recent stories

The Endless Chain - preview

Caedmon Mullin | 11th April 2019

The Endless Chain - preview Canadian paraglider pilot and filmmaker Benjamin Jordan is a year into his latest film project: The Endless Chain. The film follows his incredible solo vol-biv expedition through the Canadian Rockies as well as reflecting on his childhood and...more

Redbull X-Alps Day 5 - Team USA Making Time

Caedmon Mullin | 6th July 2017

Redbull X-Alps Day 5 - Team USA Making Time // Gavin McClurg, Jessee Williams and Mitch Riley Going Strong Gavin had a frustrating day yesterday but made-up for it today with some epic flying, he took a deep line past the Grossglockner and passed his team makes. Checkout their...more

Redbull X-Alps Day 3 - Gavin McClurg (USA1) and Jesse Williams (USA2)

Caedmon Mullin | 4th July 2017

Redbull X-Alps Day 3 - Gavin McClurg (USA1) and Jesse Williams (USA2) Gavin McClurg and Jesse Williams These two were slogging up hills and flitting across the mountains together for much of the day... more

43rd Coupe Icare

Caedmon Mullin | 8th October 2016

43rd Coupe Icare Coupe Icare 2016 Coupe Icare is a truly unique event, perched above an enormous craggy ridge the village of St Hilaire du Touvet is a stunning setting for the World's largest free-flying festival. Thousands of people descend on the normally...more

Paragliding in Western Australia

Caedmon Mullin | 12th April 2015

Paragliding in Western Australia If you've flown in Australia it was probably somewhere in the South East of the country. It's in the South East you'll find most of the famous sites, the biggest hills, the comps and the clouds! A few thousand kilometers away in Western Australia...more

New - The Paraglider Webcasts

Caedmon Mullin | 10th June 2014

New - The Paraglider Webcasts We have just created a new section of the web site which is dedicated to webcasts, so you can enjoy audio/video files. We have added some of Judith Mole's previous webcasts on meteorology and airspace and a new one on the Pennine Posse flying around...more

Weekend Videos: Low Saves

Caedmon Mullin | 22nd March 2014

Weekend Videos: Low Saves Spring has arrived in the Northern hemisphere and after Jenni's great article looking at the positive sides of bombing out I thought we should post a couple of videos to remind us all never to give up! Low Save at Frankies "Almost to the dirt...more

Weekend Videos: Ama Dablam and Manaslu

Caedmon Mullin | 26th January 2014

Weekend Videos: Ama Dablam and Manaslu We've got a couple of spectacular Himalayan descents for you this week, one from the summit of Ama Dablam (6856m) and the other from a camp at 7400m on Manaslu. Anyone who's been to these kind of altitudes will understand just how challenging these...more

Weekend videos: Crazy take-offs

Caedmon Mullin | 19th January 2014

Weekend videos: Crazy take-offs We've got a collection of unusual and downright insane looking takeoffs from around the world this week. Crazy coastal take-off in spain   Extremely sketchy cliff take-off   Castle take-off at El Yelmo festival more

Weekend Videos: Coastal Flying

Caedmon Mullin | 29th November 2013

Weekend Videos: Coastal Flying A collection of coastal flying videos from around the world this week. Coastal flying might not often have the thrill of inland XC but watching these videos might remind you what a great day out it can be! Rainbow beach Freestyle Rainbow Beach in...more

We're sponsoring the X-Pyr!

Caedmon Mullin | 1st June 2018

We The X-Pyr is a flying and hiking competition, inspired by the Red Bull X-Alps, in which a selected number of teams, comprised of one pilot and one assistant race across the Pyrenees, from west to east, starting at the Bay of Biscay and finishing at...more

Redbull X-Alps Day 5 - Battle for 3rd place

Caedmon Mullin | 6th July 2017

Redbull X-Alps Day 5 - Battle for 3rd place Big flights and tough competition for 3rd place Some stunning flights from all the competitors today, but the battle for 3rd has been perhaps the most exciting part of today's action. It's currently a battle between Benoit Outters (FRA4), Nick...more

Redbull X-Alps Day 3

Caedmon Mullin | 4th July 2017

Redbull X-Alps Day 3 Follow the top three X-Alps pilots of Day 3 in 3D... we'll try to add more later. Chrigel Maurer (SUI1) closely followed by Gaspard Petiot (FRA2) and Nelson de Freyman (FRA3) on day 3 of the Redbull X-Alps 2017. more

Paragliding in South Devon with Mark Nicol

Caedmon Mullin | 5th September 2016

Paragliding in South Devon with Mark Nicol Mark Nicol Mark moved to Devon and began hang gliding in 1985, since then he's taken up paragliding, paramotoring and microlighting. Predominantly a paraglider pilot these days he's a cornerstone of the local club. South Devon South Devon is...more

2015 X-Alps Pilots Revealed

Caedmon Mullin | 29th October 2014

2015  X-Alps Pilots Revealed The X-Alps organisers have revealed the pilots list for next year's race, after what must have been a tricky selection process 31 athletes from 18 countries have been chosen to compete in this epic 1,000km race across the Alps! For the first time...more

Weekend Videos: Feature Recap

Caedmon Mullin | 17th May 2014

Weekend Videos: Feature Recap We've got a collection of videos all linked to recent features this weekend, some August thermals in the Alps, a look at the beautiful flying in Madeira and a 2013 season round up from HapiAcro! August 2012 Mont Blanc Top Landing Following Jenni's...more

Horacio's Long Swim

Caedmon Mullin | 27th February 2014

Horacio Making the most of a lull in the wind Horacio Llorens and Thomas de Dorlodot took to the air above another stunning Pacific island. However after being sucked into a cloud which also blocked his GPS, Horacio found himself coming down far out to sea...more

Introducing The Paraglider Podcasts

Caedmon Mullin | 24th January 2014

Introducing The Paraglider Podcasts Since Judith joined the team at The Paraglider we've been planning to bring her amazing archive of podcasts over to the site. I'm pleased to announce that they're now all here along with a fantastic new addition. In Judith's latest podcasts she...more

Touch - a new short film by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

Caedmon Mullin | 14th January 2014

Touch - a new short film by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier Touch is a new short film edited and staring Jean-Babtiste Chandelier. 5 minutes of skillful flying and stunning scenery! more

Friday Videos: Supermax

Caedmon Mullin | 22nd November 2013

Friday Videos: Supermax We've dug out a couple of classics for this week's videos. If you've not seen the Supermax films before, prepare yourself for some utter insanity. Philippe Bernard & Claude Ammann fly into trees, buildings and balloons for your enjoyment....more

Redbull X-Alps - Day 6 - Chasing Chrigel

Caedmon Mullin | 7th July 2017

Redbull X-Alps - Day 6 - Chasing Chrigel Watch Gaspard Petiot chase Chrigel through day 6 of the X-Alps more

Redbull X-Alps Day 4

Caedmon Mullin | 5th July 2017

Redbull X-Alps Day 4 Intense racing in the middle of the pack 5th - 10th place has been where it's at today for intense, close and fast racing. In the following Doarama animation we follow Pal Takats (HUN), Aaron Durogati (ITA1), Ferdinand van Schelven...more

Interesting Articles from Around the Web

Caedmon Mullin | 29th December 2016

Interesting Articles from Around the Web Unscrambling Insurance - Are you covered? Gavin McClurg unravels the complicated subject in this very useful article. Also, don't miss his latest podcast, a great interview with Russ Ogden HERE.  ...more

Paragliding in Iceland with Anita Hafdís Björnsdóttir

Caedmon Mullin | 22nd August 2016

Paragliding in Iceland with Anita Hafdís Björnsdóttir Anita Hafdís Björnsdóttir I learned Paragliding in 2007 on a whim, in Iceland, and have not looked back since. In 2009 I sold all my belongings other than my glider and became a travelling paragliding bum. In 2013 I finished...more

6000m HALO Jump from Paraglider

Caedmon Mullin | 19th June 2014

6000m HALO Jump from Paraglider Herminio Cordido says he's been flying in clouds since he started paragliding in 1993. This came in handy when after a year of similar but smaller jumps Herminio lept from his harness at a staggering 6000m ASL. He told us he wasn't worried about...more

Child's play?
Being a Parent Pilot:
Elizaveta Demina

Caedmon Mullin | 25th March 2014

Child Being a Parent Pilot:
Elizaveta Demina' width='385' height='357' />
I should start this article by admitting it’s here for mostly selfish reasons. About six months ago my wife and I had our first child, of course plenty of people had told me it would change my life forever and I didn’t doubt that for a...more

Weekend Videos: The Spice of Life

Caedmon Mullin | 2nd February 2014

Weekend Videos: The Spice of Life They say variety is the spice of life and not many sports are a varied as paragliding, so this week we've got a bit of acro, some big mountains and a couple of Pacific islands for you... Algorhythmic Some nice acro action featuring the new...more

A Flying Snowmobile

Caedmon Mullin | 23rd January 2014

A Flying Snowmobile In an extra from the forthcoming Red Bull Media House / MSP Films movie "Days of my Youth" Eric Oddy takes his snowmobile for a fly... It looks like fun but lifting the weight of this machine is clearly an effort so the flight is pretty short, I...more

Weekend Videos: 500 Miles to Nowhere

Caedmon Mullin | 7th December 2013

Weekend Videos: 500 Miles to Nowhere This week we've got a spectacular short film following Gavin Mcclurg, Nick Greece, Nate Scales and Matt Beechinor on 500 mile journey starting at Hurricane Ridge, south of Cedar City, Utah and follow the Wasatch range north, across Star...more

Friday Videos - the Higher you Get, the Higher you Get

Caedmon Mullin | 15th November 2013

Friday Videos - the Higher you Get, the Higher you Get It Could be You Jocky Sanderson's short film focuses on a student's impressive first debag acro routine after only a few weeks training. The opening scene demonstrates why an SIV course is handy before you try this! The Higher you Get, the...more

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