Sharing the Sky with Hang Gliders


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Kathleen Rigg is an extremely accomplished hang glider pilot based in Derbyshire, England. She has flown at the top level of the Women's World Hang Gliding Championships for years, has been the British Women's Champion numerous times and has been awarded the Royal Aero Club Individual Gold Award. With the number of hang gliders declining in recent years, paraglider pilots are getting less opportunity to fly with hang gliders and are therefore often unaware of their flying, launch and landing characteristics, difference in speed, etc. This lack of understanding had sometimes inadvertently caused problems for hang glider pilots and lead to friction between the two communities. In this podcast Kathleen explains some of the issues about sharing the sky from the hang glider perspective and talks about what we can all do to make things easier for everyone - and that includes paraglider pilots as well!

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Alan Horsfield says:

I think this is a problem that concerns not just the Hang Glider Pilots although the results for them could be much worse but also the Paragliders Pilots especially the low Airtime Pilots, I would like to think this rule is one of the first they teach in the Schools and I am sure it is, But it is all level of Pilots who are guilty of this and too say they forgot is not acceptable and it would make you wonder just what other basic rules they have forgotten when in the air? None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes at times but this one is just common sense, I think part of the problem is because Hang Gliders are unfortunately now so few in numbers, But if it was not for their efforts and enthusiasm in negotiating our T/O and Landing Areas with the Land Owners And Farmers in the past we would not have now one of the best Clubs around.

Posted 1485 days ago


Luis Socorro-Rincón says:

Hi, I'm a paragliding pilot with 6 years of experience, I honestly was expecting the podcast to be a little more informative, yet at Min. 15 is more a list of complains about the particularities of the hang glider and how we represent an obstacle, unaware, slow, our life is easier, we can go up again, and so on. The truth is the rules up there are mostly the same no matter your speed, you are careful with those who fly slow (new pilots) and those who fly fast, Hang gliders and competition PG pilots, you are responsible for those below your altitude and you take the right when approaching another pilot. I love to fly among HG, it's beautiful and thrilling and at least in our club there are no issues between us.
-Montreal - Canada.

Posted 1310 days ago


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