Preparing to Fly


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Simon Blake is a pilot from the north-west of England. Having learnt to fly paragliders, he was very diligent about noting down his flights and what he learnt from them. A few years ago he put his collected experience into a book called Prepare to Fly, with the very apt subtitle "Paragliding tips I wish I'd learned sooner". If you haven't read it yet, it's a goldmine of information for both new and old pilots. This is the authoritative guide to what you can do - in every aspect of your flying - to prepare in advance. He covers everything from packing before the next flight, equipment use, weather knowledge, flight planning, competitions, cross-country, accident management, etc. Everything you can possibly prepare for so that you can decrease your mental load and concentrate on the important things - enjoyment of flight, safety or results. Simon's book covers it all!

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