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The X-Pyr started in 2012 with just a dozen competitors. The first edition was 438km from Hondaribia on the Altantic coast to Port de la Selva on the Mediterranean. The biannual race flourished from there, with top hike and fly competitors from all over the world now coming to compete in the race. Having been an X-Alps supporter twice, Jesse Williams competed in the 2016 X-Pyr. Jesse did exceptionally well in the race... his first ever hike and fly comp and he came 5th! Beaten only by Maurer, Mayer, Durogati and Arevalo. He battled injury, but continued until the last minute. He gained a place in the X-Alps as a result and comported himself very well there too. Jesse is back for the 2018 X-pyr, with a lot more experience and a new supporter. After endless, minute preparation last time, including making his own rucksack and having loads of kit, Jesse is taking a different approach. Here he talks me though some of his thoughts on this year's preparation and race, the differences between the Pyrenees and the Alps, this year's route and how he hopes to make it more relaxed and fun! Please support him in his 2018 race.

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