Monks Down - Saturday 6th April 2013 - The thermals are coming!

by Simon Vacher - 06-04-2013

After spending a few months away on a big filming project, I was all too keen to get into the air after nearly two months of no flying! But it seems the last few weeks had been windy and Easterly, and bitterly cold with the jet stream being much further south than normal.

Well after a decision on which site to go to, we decided to fly at Monks Down in Dorset. At least a dozen pilots in the air at one time, a few of us got away in the drying atmosphere! The sun was bright and it felt good to be biting into some punchy spring thermals. A sure way to welcome any rusty pilot back to the satisfying world of XC! Several friends got to Blandford, Dorchester and Weymouth. I got some great climbs but didn't get much further than a good hour's walk back to take off! What was surprising was how dry the earth is, and the field I landed in gave out so much dust when I landed.

Bring on the next XC adventure!!



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