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Beginner to BHPA Club Pilot



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We will teach you a high standard of glider control,with high flights and your first soaring flights, including landing back on the top of the hill.

you will gain a good knowledge of our flying sites, the weather, air law, theory of flight and general airmanship.

Once qualified, you will be free to join a local club and fly unsupervised, but we do prefer you to stick around and fly with us until you are truly competent!.

By purchasing your complete training course when you start training, or immediately after a taster day, you save significantly on the cost of the two separate courses. More importantly, once you are registered on our full Ab-initio to CP course, we will teach you until you achieve CP, even if it takes 20 days!






Near Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Suitable for

Absolute beginners



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