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Ground Handling for Female Pilots


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Gain confidence and technique for take-off + coastal flying in an ideal + open environment.
Based in Nazare, Portugal, these courses offer a unique opportunity for pilots to progress with confidence and understanding.
Small groups provide time and space for a very personalised experience, with 1-1 learning sessions and individualised task-setting.
Every pilot is unique with their own experience and dreams. This course gives space and attention to your specific needs.

- Personalised progression plan for improved glider control, tailored to your flying dreams and pursuits
- Learn essential techniques for safety and freedom in the wind
- 3 hours / day onsite instruction (plus independent work time with assistance) + theory, briefings and debriefings with video
- Access to Flow Paragliders, Yoti (15m2 hybrid glider) for strong conditions and technique training
- Additional onsite time for practice and flying
- Fun, Safe, and Non-Judgemental learning environment
- Gain a deeper sense of flow and connection with your glider, adding technique which transfers directly to your flying style

*** Transport and Accommodation can be provided (total price 1250 EUR, including course)

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Nazare, Portugal

Suitable for

This course is for Licensed Pilots with minimum 50 flights.
Participants must be open to learning and willing to be an active in their progression.
Some courses are for ALL PILOTS and some are for FEMALE PILOTS. Please check website for full-schedule and the ideal program for you.



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