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Paraglide in Brazil with Active Edge & XCBrazil - Tour 1602


Judith Mole

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Brazil requires little introduction - quite simply it's one of the world's premier paragliding destinations. Governador Valadares, Castelo & Baixo Guandu has hosted many top-level competitions including the 2005 world championships and the 2014 PWC Superfinal. The thermals are smooth, reliable and user-friendly all the way to a warm cloudbase, over a rolling landscape of green hills and smooth granite outcrops, that extends as far as the eye can see and the pilot can fly. A great place to fine-tune thermalling skills and speed-to-fly technique. It's one of my favourite sites to teach cross-country. Gentle winds, lack of turbulence and minimum stress allow the pilot to focus on the flying.


You will be guided and coached by Dean Crosby, CFI of Active Edge, one of the most experienced XC pilots in the UK. Dean is former British Paragliding Champion, twice XC league winner and has been captain of British Hang Gliding and Paragliding teams. He has thousands of XC hours flying paragliders, hang gliders and sailplanes. Dean was one of the first instructor/guides to run XC courses in Brazil way back in 1994.

This a thermalling and cross-country course. In addition to providing theory lectures, Dean will be guiding the group in the air with in-flight coaching by radio. This will be our normal, tried-and-tested tour of Alfredo Chaves, Castelo and Valadares. This is a tour that we have done many times and it has been a favourite with visiting pilots.

This is what is included:

· Airport transfers

· 13 nights hotel accommodation, with buffet style breakfast

· Daily transport to take-off

· Use of SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

· Retrieval service

· Local SIM card

· All coaching and theory lectures

· Second flights each day if needed

Start date


Finish date







Alfredo Chaves, Castelo and Valadares, Brazil

Suitable for

Whilst this course is aimed at those who are relatively new to cross-country flying, it could also benefit pilots with more experience who want to improve their technique. Visiting three sites with varied conditions, and using pre-set tasks, helps to create a more interesting and challenging environment.



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