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Active Edge/XC Brazil Tour (1802)


Active Edge

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We will spend four days in Castelo, a week in Valadares and then three days in Baixo Guandu. These are all excellent cross-country sites that have been used many times for national and international competitions, including the Paragliding World Cup.

The intention is to gear this towards those pilots who already have some experience of flying XC and are either looking to improve or just wanting a stress-free guided holiday, flying in some of the best XC sites in the world. We will be setting tasks each day, designed to make this more challenging and educational whilst keeping pilots relatively close to the main roads for safety and ease of retrieve.

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Pilots should preferably have a minimum of 20 hours post CP airtime and some thermalling experience. Above all, you must be current with your flying and proficient with both forward and reverse launches.



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