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1) 3 weeks Peru, Bolivia, Chile 2,500 US$ per person
2) 2 weeks Peru, Bolivia 1,800 US$ per person
3) 2 weeks Bolivia, Chile 1,800 US$ per person
4) 2 weeks inside Bolivia flying in different regions of the country 1,500 US$
*These packages are calculated for a group of 6 people
Includes: Travel by road using buses, good food not luxury, good room and board not luxury.
*Groups of less than 6 people can be accommodated but the price per person will go up.
*Larger groups up to 10 people can be accommodated but the price per person remains the same due to the need of more guides for larger groups.
*Luxury accommodations can be arranged but the overall price will increase in 30%.






South America , Bolivia

Suitable for

Paragliding Pilots that wish to travel and fly in different sites across Bolivia as well as Peru and Chile. Pilot level: Beginners to Advanced (XC). Service Available in the cities of Cochabamba and La Paz.



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