Horacio's Long Swim

Caedmon Mullin | 27th February 2014

Making the most of a lull in the wind Horacio Llorens and Thomas de Dorlodot took to the air above another stunning Pacific island. However after being sucked into a cloud which also blocked his GPS, Horacio found himself coming down far out to sea in the lee of the island.

For the next two hours Horacio trod water and waited, thanks to a rapid response from Thomas and their boat crew he was plucked from the water scared but unharmed!



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John Hovey says:

It is educational to see an example of a relatively tranquil water-landing with positive results. No one ought to encourage flying out to sea and having to ditch, but at the same time many people state matter-of-factly that landing in the water equals death. Obviously this is not the case. Good job, Horacio!

Posted 2491 days ago


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