Horacio Llorens' trick of the week

Caedmon Mullin | 8th October 2013

We'll be updating this post as 2012 Acro World Cup champion Horacio Llorens runs a series of weekly videos demonstrating various tricks from his clearly impressive repertoire!

WEEK 11 - SAT to Heli

The final trick in this series is a combination of a SAT and Heli, which looks pretty awesome!

WEEK 10 - Anti Rhythmic

First done by Pal Takats this involves "coming back to a normal SAT from a perfect Infinity Tumbling by reducing the inclination of the revolutions progressively."

WEEK 9 - Dynamic Full Stall

Most people do their very best to avoid a full stall, but somehow Horacio makes this look incredibly good fun!

WEEK 8 - Rhythmic SAT


WEEK 7 - MacTwist

A really rapid trick which involves a strong spin after a deep spiral.

WEEK 6 - Twister

 Twister is basically a Helicopter immediately followed by a Helicopter in the opposite direction. According to Horacio "It is a very precise move that even the best pilots has to train hardly to get it on control."

WEEK 5 - Helico to SAT

Fifth week and it's the super impressive Helico to SAT, in Horacio's own words:
"The "Helico to SAT" was discovered by the legendary Raul Rodriguez. It consists on a Helicopter, directly connected into a SAT. It is a very sensitive move, where the pilot have to be very precise to don´t exit from the Helico on a wrong moment."

WEEK 4 - Misty Flip

Misty Flip is one of the most impressive acro ticks when pulled off this well, so if it's on your to-do list or if you're not really sure what that is, check out the video!

WEEK 3 - Helicopter

Helicopters are the name of the game this week...

WEEK 2 - Infinity Tumbling

Week two and Horacio gives another multi-angled view of him pulling off some slick infinity tumbles!

WEEK 1 - MacTwist to Heli

This week's clip is a MacTwist To Heli performed in predictably faultless style...

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