A Great Start to the Season for Paul Schmit

Ozone | 18th April 2013

Ozone reports their team pilot Paul Schmit had what sounds like a great start to the season back on the 7th of April.

Taking full advantage of a good thermic day and easterly winds Paul managed an impressive 267Km flight landing on the coast of The Channel 7 hours later.

Describing his flight Paul split it into 4 parts:

"In the first stage, the cumulus clouds are present and generous- the path is easy and one must optimize this stage to advance.

The cumulus clouds almost completely disappear in the second stage and I have to progress in the blue and take every possible lift. I lose sight of Wim, then Phil…

Just prior to the third stage, the cumulus clouds return in full force and the path forward accelerates. The third stage is powerful.

Until the end of the day, a thickening cirrus haze develops. My last big lift is at 50Km from the sea and I see myself in a final glide, a lovely flight but without the magic of attaining the sea…

A grey and uniform sky does not give me any hope to pursue my flight. It is, nevertheless, in this milky atmosphere that the birds show me the way. The progression over the remaining kilometers is achieved in this docile aura. I take everything that passes to maintain myself up to a final glide over the white cliffs of the Opal coast, an unforgettable memory."

You can view Paul's flight log here.



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